An intreview with Risma Mutia Dewi from Indonesia

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Risma, a girl from Indonesia who loves Manchester United
The best player ever is Ryan Giggs

Name: Risma Mutia Dewi
Location: Bogor, Indonesia
Age: 24

1. Why did you start to support Manchester United? I love Manchester United coz I want to saw Rooney and Ronaldo since 2004 all the time but now I know I'm not only love them but club also... a super fantastic club in the world ever.

2. Who is your favorite player this season? Javier Chicharito Hernandez.

3. Who is the best player Manchester United had in its history? Ryan Giggs.

4. Have you been to Manchester United match? Only watching on TV.

5. Have you been to Old Trafford? Never or Not yet :D

6. What is the best memorable moment you had with the club? United get score 7-1 against Roma and Alan Smith scored.

7. What do you think about Alex Ferguson? Amazing and fantastic manager.. he's respectable.

8. If you were the manager of Manchester United, who's the player, would you bring to the club? Mario Gotze.

9. Is there a player in the club that you don't like? No.. if I have to mention I will say Carlos Tevez.

10. What will be the achievements of the club this season? Premier League and Champion League.

11. What makes Manchester United as a special club in comparison to other football clubs in the world? Old Trafford and jersey.. I like it so much , really interesting and awesome.

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