United by Nina from Georgia

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Manchester United always fight till the end
Nina from Georgia
There are so many football clubs in the world. Some better than others, some unique in some regard, some fighting till the end and achieving success, or eventually failing... 

There is Real Madrid - the most glorious club in football history, with the most loaded trophy cabinet, Barcelona - the club that has been on top for several consecutive years, won everything during this time and is still showing fascinating football... 

There is Liverpool - with amazing fans, great history and the most European glory in the whole UK, Arsenal - bringing up their own talents, losing them to more powerful and reach clubs, and still never giving up, there are Juventus - with the most loyal players in the history of Italian football - who never left their club, even when they were relegated, Inter Milan, not so distinguished club at a glance, who managed to beat Barcelona at their very best, Roma and AC Milan - true Italian teams, with legends and talented players of their own... 

There is Bayern Munich, the all-time most successful team in Germany, achieving their goals and winning trophies step-by-step, with German precision. There are also average clubs, recently purchased by billionaires, buying everyone and everything, even success - they're good candidates to become clubs with history, however, not in the near future: Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea, to name a few...

And then, there is Manchester United, my team. Different from all of them. I could bring facts and examples from our history, from the days the club was established in 1878 to building the Theatre of the Dreams and first domestic success, to Busby Babes, Munich Air Disaster and re-building the team, Georgre Best and the United Trinity, achieving our first European success in 1968, and then to the times of Sir Alex Ferguson, which still continues... 

I could write for hours about Cantona, Keano, Giggs, Scholes, Ole, Gary, Peter, Nistelrooy, Rooney and each and every player I've seen playing... I could once again repeat the story how I fell in love with them when I saw Keano fighting till the end, making the first United Comeback I've witnessed and stories of all the other comebacks, starting from the Champions League final on 26 May 1999 and ending with currently the last one against Braga in group stage of this season's Champions League. 

How do United always fight till the end and then the final scoreline of the match does not even matter. I could go on and on and on about the team spirit of my club, and how oddly it feels to type "my club" instead of "our club", our amazing fans - the best and most natural family in the whole universe, tolerant and supporting, no matter the circumstances, as David Beckham once mentioned, and how proud and thankful I am to be a part of this family.

I could write about my dreams, connected to United - how my brother and I were dreaming of meeting the other members of this big family and how indescribably happy I am now to have a little part of the United family in Georgia and be able to meet them every week-end. How we'll be able to make it to the Theatre of OUR Dreams, together... I could easily write for hours and still not be be anywhere close to describing how I love them -the team which is so much more than just a footballing club - the fans, the history, the manager and staff, the players - all of these uniting to create the one and only - Manchester United - Our Dream, Our Soul, Our Club.

Manchester United - Our Dream, Our Soul, Our Club
Manchester United - Our Dream, Our Soul, Our Club

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