Lea Distor Dorado from The Philippines

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We have another hot Manchester United girl from The Philippines. Lea Distor Dorado, 27 years old from The Philippines but currently working in Hong-Kong, loves Manchester United since 2009.

Where is Chritiano Ronaldo?

Lea says that Manchester United is the biggest club in the world with a lot of fans around the world. She also in love with Wayne Rooney but Ryan Giggs is the best player that have played in the club. Lea also wants to visit Old-Trafford to see her favorite players playing but meanwhile she watching the matches via the internet.

I want to visit Old-Trafford in order to see my players playing

Alex Ferguson is great and the club needs to bring back Ronaldo. She loves the players and sure that they will bring back the championship, and win the Champions League. Lea - "They are the great club in the world simply, number one!"

Manchester United will bring back the championship

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