An interview with Amanda Spiteri from UK

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Today we bring you another Manchester United girl from United Kingdom. Amanda Spiteri has kindly agreed to share with us some of her insights about Manchester United.

"Gary Neville is the best player Manchester United had in its history"
Gary Neville with Amanda
"I started supporting Manchester United , since I was a baby, all my family are big reds. I saw my first match when I was 5 in 1995 and I knew then that United are my life. My favourite player this season has to be Ryan Giggs and I believe that Gary Neville is the best player Manchester United had in its history. I have been a season ticket holder for the last 5 years and I assure you that there are a lot of memorable moments when you support the best team in the world". When people ask me what do you think about Sir Alex Ferguson? My prompt answer will always be that "Sir Alex Ferguson is a Legend’’. If I was given a choice to bring on one player to add to the current squad I would certainly bring Gareth Bale.

Amanda Spiteri from UK with Manchester United flag
Amanda Spiteri with a Manchester United flag
Amanda doesn't like Rio Ferdinand: "Unfortunately yes , I'm not too keen on Ferdinand" Amanda also mentioned that Manchester United will win the Treble , League, FA Cup and Champions League.

Manchester United girl from UK
Can you recognize him?
We asked Amanda what makes Manchester United so special in comparison to other clubs in the world. Amanda gave us 32 (!) reasons

  1. Scholes.
  2. Keane.
  3. Cantona.
  4. Knocked Liverpool off their fucking perch.
  5. Fergie Time.
  6. Gave us George Best.
  7. Nicky Butt’s name.
  8. Red Devils is a cool mascot.
  9. The Busby Babes (RIP)
  10. Taught Cristiano Ronaldo about self-discipline and not showboating for its own sake.
  11. Ferguson telling a reporter to fuck off.
  12. “He’s a fucking great player and you’re all fucking idiots.”
  13. Addicted to winning before Charlie Sheen ruined it.
  14. “You’ll never win anything with kids” hahaha fuck you Alan Hansen.
  15. Perfected the art of coming back from behind for a dramatic last minute win.
  16. Made Park Ji-Sung the first Asian player to win the Champions League.
  17. Berbarotica.
  18. Got to the 1958 FA Cup Final despite losing most of their team in the Munich Air Disaster a few months earlier.
  19. Matt Busby almost quit managing after Munich but then bossed up and molded a new generation of Busby Babes that went on to win the European Cup.
  20. Took a chance on Chicharito and rocked everyone’s world.
  21. Old Trafford is a cool name for a stadium.
  22. Don’t need a sugar daddy to be the best and win stuff.
  23. Alex Ferguson seems to be the only human being Jose Mourinho respects as an equal.
  24. No one goes to United just for the money.
  25. Fight until the end every time, even when it doesn’t really matter.
  26. Consistently beat every motherfucker that comes at them.
  27. Never boring to watch them play.
  28. Have had a terrific youth development policy since way before Ajax and later Barcelona made it cool.
  29. Absorb everyone’s hate and throw it back in their faces by being the best.
  30. Their team motto could/should be “Fuck you.”
  31. Always, always, always hungry.
  32. I love the history of our club – it has seen so many moments come and go but Manchester United still keep providing us with more.

Amanda spiteri - A Manchester United girl
                      Amanda Spiteri - A Manchester United Girl
Ole Gunnar Solskjær with Amanda
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with Amanda

Amanda with Manchester United girl shirt
Amanda with Manchester United shirt

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