An interview with Patience Syombua from Kenya

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Manchester United girl from Kenya

Patience Syombua, 22 years old, A Manchester United girl from Nairobi, Kenya is here, with some answers to our questions.

Patience is a fan of Manchester United since 2008 and she thinks that they are the best club in the world (we agree).

David De Gea is her favorite player while Ronaldo is the best player Manchester had.

Patience hasn't visited yet Old Trafford and her best memorable moment she had with the club was United's win against Tottenham. 

Alex Ferguson? "SAF is a great manager who the lads respect as he knows them best and their prowess in the pitch"

Patience would like that Christiano Ronaldo would return to the club and is confident that they will be crowned as the champions this season.

Patience:  "United is not only a football club but a family that shares the same spirit and passion. GGMU!" 

Patience wants that Ronaldo will return to the club
Patience is a fan of Manchester United since 2008

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