Jasminka Mehinbasic - A Manchester United girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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We heard that the girls from Bosnia and Herzegovina are very very beautiful especially when they are with customs of Manchester United.

We brought you today an interview with Jasminka Mehinbasic (23 years old) who is fan of Manchester United since 1999.

Jasminka Mehinbasic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Who is your favorite player this season?- Adnan Januzaj

Who is the best player Manchester United had in its history? Eric Cantona

Have you been to Manchester United match? Not yet unfortunately, but I'm planning to go next year.

Bosnian Manchester United girl

What is the best memorable moment you had with the club? This club has given me so many memorable moments, that it is so hard to decide. However, one of the most touching ones was SAF's last match.

What do you think about Alex Ferguson? He's the most inspiring person ever. I love him to death, and I wish he was my grandfather. I like his passion, his energy, his loyalty. He's the best person football has ever had.

Alex Ferguson? He's the most inspiring person ever

If you were the manager of Manchester United, who's the player, you would bring to the club? This year, we have some problems with midfield players, so I think I would like to see Gundogan, Pjanić and Hummels playing for us, they would make a great match.

Is there a player in the club that you don't like? Well, I'm not a huge fan of Young because of his diving policy. I think it's embarassing for the club to do something like that. And I also don't like Anderson because I think he lacks the right skills and passion that United has.

Anderson lacks the right skills and passion that United has

What will be the achievements of the club this season? I think the best possible situation for us would be to make it into first four teams, but if we gather the right strength and passion we can still be in the run for the title.

Jasminka and another Manchester United girl

What makes Manchester United as a special club in comparison to other football clubs in the world? The fact that you don't just play for this club, you live it, you live for it, and you die supporting United. We have players who have played for United their entire career such as Scholes, and United has that passion and devotion that no other club has. Simply, WE are United.

Adnan Januzaj is Jasminka's favorite player

Simply, WE are United

The best possible situation for us would be to make it into first four teams


  1. United Ladies are the best..and most beautiful

  2. United is not just a football club, United is a way of life. Loyalty win or loose.


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