An interview with Diana Turcan

Pin It Now! Diana Turcan, one of the most lovely Manchester United Girls, has agreed to answer to several questions about her love to Manchester United.

Name: Diana Turcan                     
Age: 19
Location: Republic of Moldova , Chisinau
Fan of Manchester United since:  1999

Diana Turcan interview
Loves United since 1999
  1. Why did you start to support Manchester United?

Diana: Well that’s a nice story, I was 7 years, and I didn't used to like football.
My sister, who was Beckham fan, imposed me to watch with her the game (the Champions League final), I didn’t know nothing about United or Bayern, that was something  new for me, so I saw that United are going to lose, and that was a question of principle. I was supporting United, just because they were loosing. That was an incredible feeling, when just in a few minutes…. the last minutes, they won the league, I remember that day, when I didn’t know what that football, but I was fallen in love with this team.

2. Who is your favorite player this season?

Diana: Of course all of them are my favorites, I can’t say that every season I have one special, because that’s always two specials for me: Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney.

3.  Who is the best player Manchester United had in its history?

Diana: We’ve had a lot of great players…legends. George Best, Roy Keane, Cantona, Charlton, Edwards, Giggsy, but for me the number one is Paul Scholes.
Scholes the perfect player, witch in my opinion wasn’t appreciated in the manner he had to be. The job that he is doing on the pitch is just incredible, and his attitude toward the press and the football world, he is an example for all the players,  he  plays with love, not for the money.  I know he doesn’t have a lot of time to play. Maybe that’s the last year,  and now, I just want to enjoy every moment I see him on the pitch.

4. Have you been to Manchester United match?

Diana: Last year, I was at National arena in Romania, where I saw United for the first time, they played against Otelul Galati 2-0, both goals from penalty. I can't remember if I was attentive to the game because I was looking to each player, and I could not believe that I see them for real. I wish that that moment hasn't stopped.

5. Have you been to Old Trafford?

Diana: Regretfully no, but I’m planning to go there.

6. What is the best memorable moment you had with the club?

Diana: Maybe the Champions League final in 2008, but there are a lot of beautiful moments. Every week they give me memorable moments, awesome feelings, it's like they are my best friends, and they give me the best emotions.

7. What do you think about Alex Ferguson?

Diana: Better said grandfather, I use to call him like this. A phenomenal man, genius , we need to thank him, just because of him, we are so successful, the way he manage the team is unique, and none will do it better. I love him.

8. If you were the manager of Manchester United, who's the player, you would bring
    to the club?

Diana: That’s a dream for me :D, well I guess that’s Bastian Schweinsteiger, I admire him, and I think he would fit perfectly in our team.

9. Is there a player in the club that you don't like?

Diana: No, I love all of them.

10. What will be the achievements of the club this season?

Diana: We will see at the end of the season, but I hope for the treble.

11. What makes Manchester United as a special club in comparison to other football 
      clubs in the world?

Diana: Every player, every fan, the managers, they make this club so fucking special.
The club has been graced by legends from the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best, Paul Scholes and David Beckham, to the new generation of players led by Nemanja Vidic and star player Wayne Rooney.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager who has achieved what other football managers dream to acheive . The fans, that are devoted, for us United is a religion not a team. No matter in what situation will be United, for me they will always be the best team in the world.

 Thanks Diana! GGMU

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