An interview with Hà Mã from Vietnam

Pin It Now! There are a lot of Manchester United fans in Vietnam and this is the time to give them some stage. Today we bring you an interview with Hà Mã, a pretty girl from Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Ha Ma a Manchester United Girl from Vietnam
Doesn't like Nani (:
Age: 21
Location: Viet Nam
Fan of Manchester United since: I don’t know exactly: P

1. Why did you start to support Manchester 

Ha Ma: My father is also a United’s fan. When I was a little girl, I usually stay up late with him to watch the United’s match. Gradually, it became my hobby, my passion and I began supporting Manchester United.

2. Who is your favorite player this season?

Ha Ma: Wazza. He is the soul of the team.

3. Who is the best player Manchester United had in its history?

Ha Ma: It’s difficult to me to choose a name; United always has many well players. If I forced to choose a person, I’ll choose Ryans Giggs. He spends all of his career for United, breaks consecutive records, and becomes a legend :)

4. Have you been to Manchester United match?

Ha Ma: Of course, but I see it on TV :P. I wish I could stand at Old Trafford even once.

5. Have you been to Old Trafford?

Ha Ma: Not yet. But I’m trying to go there one day.

6. What is the best memorable moment you had with the club?

Ha Ma: When United lost the champion of Champions League 2009, I’d cried much. In my country, it was mid night, but I still wandering in the street. A sad memory but memorable: D

7. What do you think about Alex Ferguson?

Ha Ma: I think nobody can deny his talent. One of the best managers in the world. I always respect and admire him.

8. If you were the manager of Manchester United, who's the player, you would bring to the club? 

Ha Ma: I want to bring a midfielder, Sneijder for example: D

9. Is there a player in the club that you don't like?

Ha Ma: Yes. I don’t like Nani. He increasingly cumbersome and inefficient.

10. What will be the achievements of the club this season?

Ha Ma: A Treble title. I hope so.

11. What makes Manchester United as a special club in comparison to other football clubs in the world? 

Ha Ma: Their spirit of competition: x

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  1. Why did u dont like Nani? I think he make mutation than other players in Club


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