An interview with Dorota Dąbrowska-Dantzer from Poland

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Manchester United Girl from Poland
Name: Dorota Dąbrowska-Dantzer
Age: 16
Location: Nowy Sacz, Poland
Fan of Manchester United since: 6 years old

1. Why did you start to support Manchester United? When I was young, one of my friends was a Chelsea's fan. I remember that I liked to annoy him so I started watching football and Manchester United's matches.

2. Who is your favorite player this season? Javier Hernandez.

3. Who is the best player Manchester United had in its history? We have many great players in our history, but if I have to choose one, it would be Ryan Giggs.

4. Have you been to Manchester United match? No.

5. Have you been to Old Trafford? No, but I'd like to.

6. What is the best memorable moment you had with the club? The Champions League final in 2008.

7. What do you think about Alex Ferguson? He's our legend, our father and no matter what, he's the greatest coach in football world.

8. If you were the manager of Manchester United, who's the player, would you bring to the club? Cristiano Ronaldo!

9. Is there a player in the club that you don't like? No, I like all of this guys.

10. What will be the achievements of the club this season? We'll win everything ;)

11. What makes Manchester United as a special club in comparison to other football clubs in the world? We're like a family, we've got many legends and great players in our team and we were made to be the greatest of all.

Dorota from Poland is fan of Manchester United since she was 6 years old
Alex Ferguson is our legend

We'll win everything ;)
Dorota - Manchester United girl from Poland

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