An interview with JL Chen from Singapore

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Manchester United girl from Singapore

Manchester United Girls is proud to bring you another Manchester United Girl, this time from Singapore. JL Chen supports Manchester United since she was born. 

JL is sure that Manchester United are the best team in the world and will be forever and her favorite player this season is Hernandez.
Nemanja Vidic is considered by JL as the best player Manchester United had in its history because no one gets past him.

JL was few times in Manchester United games: "Yeah, quite a few the ones most in memory is the recent victory over Newcastle and one a few years ago when we lost 1-0 to Portsmouth because of muntiari`s penalty kick and also when united went over to Malaysia 2 years back".

Alex Ferguson? "Best manger ever. He is the 12th man"
The best memorable moment that JL had with the club was when they played Chelsea in the Champions League final.

Alex Ferguson? "Best manger ever. He is the 12th man"

If you were the manager of Manchester United, who's the player, you would bring to the club? 
"Joe hart, Manuel Neuer -to sort out the goalkeeper issue, I think they are both world class keepers, way ahead of De Gea and Lindergaard".

JL doesn't like John Evans: "Jonny Evans- I don't think he is a good player, he only gets games when were down with injured defenders that own goal against Newcastle was shocking.

JL is very optimistic: We`ll win the league and get to the champions league seem final.

What makes Manchester United as a special club in comparison to other football clubs in the world?
Its got the best manager ever and its constantly challenging for honors all the team even with a below par team at times.

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