Kimbull M Beecher from the UK - It's not all about the money

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We continue to bring you the hottest Manchester United Girls and this time Kimbull M Beecher from England wants to share with you her thoughts. Kimbull started to support Manchester United because she loved Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjær. This season, the favorite player of Kimbull is Ryan Giggs. 

Kimbull M Beecher - Manchester United Girl
It's not all about the money
Kimbull hasn't been yet to Manchester United games and the 1999 Champions League final is something that she can't forget. Kimbull is sure that Alex Ferguson is a legend and would bring to the club Bale and Theo Walcott

The Manchester United Girl from the UK doesn't like Welbeck and has the feeling that the Red Devils will win the league cup, Champions League final but not the FA cup. Hi, you forgot that Manchester United is close to take the title (: 

Manchester United Girl from the UK
Kimbull can't forget the 1999 Champions League final
Kimbull wants to emphasize that the fans and the hard playing players in the club, makes Manchester United so special: "It's not all about the money"

Have a look at more photos of Kimbull and her friend Chelsea Kirby:

Chelsea Kirby from the UK
Chelsea Kirby from the UK

Glory glory Manchester United!
Who will win?

Chelsea Kirby loves Manchester United
Who's the favorite player of Chelsea?
Kimbull prefer to see Bale in the squad of Manchester United
Where is Bale?

"I don't like Danny Welbeck"
Welbeck? Go away (:

Chelsea Kirby with shirt of the Red Devils
                   Chelsea Kirby

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